• The S-Class Hunter Doesn't Want to Be a Villainous Princess

    The S-Class Hunter Doesn't Want to Be a Villainous Princess

    What happens when an S-class hunter becomes a run-of-the-mill villain?

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    Authors: Haegang, Godlam



    Genres: Drama Supernatural Fantasy Psychological Historical Romance Shoujo Sci-fi Webtoons

    Rating: 8.92/10 (221 votes)



    I transmigrated into a fantasy novel where the constellations ruled the world. After 10 years, I finally managed to become the #1 S-rank Hunter and cleared the Tower... But not long after, I was yet again thrown into another novel, this time it was a romance fantasy, and to top it off I became the notorious villainess. [ asks where in the hell this place is.] [ is confused.] [ is delighted with the familiar world.] Fortunately, the constellations followed me into the new world because apparently everyone's after my throat. Every day either someone tries to kill me or entangle me into one of their schemes…What did the princess do before I took possession of her body? ['s skill LV.999 purifies Mandrake's poison!] ['s skill L V.999 perfectly heals wounds!] ['s skill LV.999 puts the assassin to sleep!] This new lifestyle just isn't for me. It's too fresh/youthful/girlish compared to what I went through in my last life. But still I tried to clear the missions and enjoy my time here, until the male lead and my annoying brothers, who harassed me and didn't have an ounce of love for my "villainous" self, started to cling to me "It's good to be mischievous, but you can only do that in front of me. Got it?" "I regret that I didn't trust you back then." "...I don't deserve to beg for forgiveness, do I?" Even the mercenary king and the light of the empire won't leave me alone... "I have decided." "What?" "I will serve my lady as your teacher." (?) Fine! I'm sorry, I did wrong! I'll accept any punishment you give me. I'll do whatever you want, anything, just please send me back to my world! This is the story of how Lee Young escapes from the twists and turns as the #1 S-rank Hunter possesses the protagonist of a romance fantasy novel! Will she be able to go home after clearing this final mission? +

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