The Esteemed Lady of the Tea Garden

The Esteemed Lady of the Tea Garden

홍차 정원의 귀한 아가씨입니다

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Authors: Malkkot



Genres: Drama Fantasy Historical Romance Shoujo Supernatural

Rating: 8.72/10 (47 votes)



Read hot manhwa "The Esteemed Lady of the Tea Garden" for free at mangabuddy websiteDescription:After being unadopted three times, Camellia is determined to stand on her own and applies for a position at the famous Bloomberry Tea Garden. Though there are unsavory rumors surrounding the owner, Brandon Worthing, the people of his estate treat her surprisingly well, as if she's a noble lady instead of a mere employee. But regardless of these puzzling circumstances, Camellia flourishes in her new role as a tea maker, moving people's hearts with her special blends. Little does she know that there's a reason why Brandon hired her, and that their history goes back much further than she thoughtAssociated Names: Genre:DramaFantasyHistoricalRomanceShoujoSupernaturalWhy choose Topreadmanhwa?Topreadmanhwa is a reliable and high-quality manhwa updating website. If you love the series "The Esteemed Lady of the Tea Garden" and you are a fan of manhwa, Topreadmanhwa is definitely the place you must visit.Don't forget to visit Topreadmanhwa regularly for updates on more hot manhwa!

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