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Request your manga with Vy-san! - Posted By Vyvy Oct 03, 2022

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Hi guys, please use this topic to request your manga from now on. Note that: - make sure you search the manga in incognito mode first (since a lot of you have genres block in your setting) - try different names of the manga - try open google.com, then search "[title manga] + vyvymanga"

Why the hell is there hentais. - Posted By Edotens Aug 12, 2022

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Went to advanced search, a load of hentai came out. Wtf i thought they made this safe for younger readers ._.

Goodbye - Posted By DANNYNs Aug 13, 2022

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I'm looking for another site, everything I wanted to read was removed, if you got any rec's please reply!

Removing mature manga - Posted By Bluebee Jul 28, 2022

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I saw on the home page of this site saying that they are removing all mature manga from the site, I know its for the safety of younger viewers but this is like the only good site I can use to read my bookmarked mangas and now they will be removed I wanna be able to write down the names of the mangas that Im reading before they get removed does anyone know any good sites.

It's Total Bullshit - Posted By Karee Aug 13, 2022

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THEY say there removing all mature content i think it pretty obvious that this site is not for kids kids should not be reading these adult things I think they should ask for age when someone logs in and then according to their age give them things to red but to rwmove all the mature content when thats why we are on a SITE cause if we want to see cencered kisses we would have just downloaded billbillcomics

I'm done - Posted By rawa Aug 13, 2022

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im try to read some manga but everything just dissapear before i can read it

No more mature content?? - Posted By Peppermint Jul 26, 2022

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I was literally here for it. I mean most of us are, I don’t understand why they have to get rid of it. A simple warning below the title would be fine. Does anyone know of any other site similar to this that doesn’t contain ads?

Leaving Vyvy or not/ Pros and Cons - Posted By Pinghue Aug 11, 2022

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I know the Vyvy-Team is very busy with bugs and hunting down inappropriate content, but they upload a lot of zinchan translation aka brain death, a lot of chapters are missing or getting skipped, pages are out of order and even after reporting some for *weeks* nothing happens. I am interested to know if more people see this as a problem or have issues with it. What would be your Pros (for staying) and Cons (for leaving) of this side?

Discord server - Posted By Alex Aug 06, 2022

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This is not the right place to say it but i will say it. In the discord server : No furries/people that enjoy furry animal intimate love/furry role play/besteality of any of that kind. No people that enjoy sister brother relationship/ Especially the underaged ones. No people that enjoy minors in any way sexual. No role play / no advertising of roleplay especially the 18+ kind. Am not gonna explain why, i shouldn't have to make this post in the first place. Am getting tired of weirdos. And no the furry part is not a discrimination.


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y'all should stop mentioning other pirate sites to the social media to if this sht spread widely again I swear I'm gonna kick your asses and throw your organs to the moon, uso ja naiyoooo!!!

everything going down bad - Posted By godwhyonly32character Aug 13, 2022

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they upload wrong mangas.. translations are getting worse . many mangas aren't getting uploaded. i seriously don't want to sound like some ungrateful bitch so i have been compromising but this is just being too much. vyvy san a simple suggestion : on mangaowl everyone was allowed to arrange the chapters or make uploads as such..not comparing but yet it would be better. the translations getting worst not of one or 2 but of like sooooooo many mangas man plz.. i'm gonna die of the anxiety it leads me to. though i cannot translate from another language to english yet i can proof read it to correct the grammar/ sentence so any uploader who need help regarding that imma ready to help.

THE REMOVED CONTENT - Posted By Kkkdorky123456 Aug 13, 2022

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Please vyvy can you put the mature content back because all the ones I've not finished are now all gone I understand its for the younger viewers but pleasee

Welcome to discussion area - Posted By Vyvy Jun 25, 2022

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Hello guys

ThEY JuST AdDEd taGS?! - Posted By fr0yo Jul 07, 2022

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I am now just realizing that vyvy added a tags option. To be honest I'm fine with it, but it'll start to get annoying if you guys add something completely unrelated to the manga or something stupid like "(person) was here" or "smelly feet" and that stuff. Just please don't waste tags T_T

Found a bad translation? - Posted By Vyvy Dec 13, 2022

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Hi everyone, We would like you to know that we read each of your complaints daily and try to solve them according, including the bad translation (mostly from Zinchan), and would like everyone to understand a few facts about the situation: I/ Fact about manga source and managing: As automatic upload is the primary method to keep such a vast library updated, we sometimes have to accept that quality control sometimes is complex and solving problems based on users' reports is the only way. we don't have the resource to look into each chapter before uploading them for 100% of the manga on Vyvy. II/ How are we dealing with imperfect translation? The method is simple, we follow the following set of questions: 1. Is it that bad to the point of unacceptable? yes, then 2. is there any better version out there? yes, then we will update this manga source from now on no, then 3. Can we find a manual uploader for this manga? With this flow, we should have the best translation version on the site already, but there are a few twists about this: - We only check the one that multiple readers are complaining about, ticking "Vy-san should know about this" -> we can't just check because 1 or 2 person does not like the translation that much. - There is a better version out there, and we can get our hands on it. OR someone is willing to be the uploader of that manga. -> Sometimes bad translations are the only version out there; maybe in the future, but we don't have our translation team currently. III/ WHAT DO YOU DO ABOUT THE BAD TRANSLATION YOU FOUND? 1. Don't complain. Just let us know in the comment about the situation and wait, and know that we will look into it. Cant be fast, but we will. 2. Let us know if "you know" there is a better version, and we will try to find it. 3. You can always be an uploader yourself and help other users. Tbh, there are no perks for uploaders atm, aside from receiving praise and thank you from everyone, but we will look into this in the future -> in the end, Vyvy is a place where everyone contributes and has fun. I hope this will help everyone know what to do from now on and help our team improves the site for our users :) Love you guys - Vyvy

Tester needed!!!! VyvyManga Android app are now available. - Posted By Vyvy Oct 10, 2022

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Hi Everyone, The long wait is over, We are testing our First version of the android app and you can download it under this link: https://vyvymanga.net/storage/Vyvy-1.0.0.apk This is the first version, so you may encounter bugs. This is good, we are trying to fix all bugs that we can find. WHAT TO DO IF YOU FIND A BUG? 1. try 2-3 times to see if it happens again. 2. Prepare the following info and come back to this topic: - Device name - A screenshot or video of what happened (upload to youtube or image hosting site like imgbb.com if needed) - Detail explanation of what when wrong (step by step so we can recreate it) 3. Comeback to this topic and reply in template #AppBug - "Bug detail" 4. Wait, if we don't response, that means the bug are already looked at. If we need more detail, an admin will reach out and ask you provide more info or email us. Please take some time and help, your help are appreciated. Example of a bug report: #AppBug - Glaxy S20 ultra - [Link] - App freezed and show only gray screen when I try to login. 1. open the app 2. tap login button 3. fill in my info and click login 4. frezee PS: this topic are only for feedback and bug report, all discussion related to the app can be moved to homepage comment.

Anyone want to make a webcomic with me? - Posted By HyperPop-Pansexual Jul 03, 2022

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Does anyone want to make a webcomic with me, smut or family friendly i don't really care I'm just bored lmao i can do yaoi, yuri, opposite sex, genderfluid, non binary and so on. NO ANIMALS OR UNDERAGE LOVE STORIES, they are kinda gross. I can draw and am just trying to kill time. No you will not be paid, this isn't a job offer and is more of a friend making thing and a way to make your stories happen.

Collection Hacker - Posted By starrygarden Oct 21, 2022

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There is a collection hacker which is changing all the collection names to 'Lol' and deleting all the mangas and putting "Super Mario-Kun" if anyone finds the hacker, please report them!

Adult Collection Cover! - Posted By Vyvy Feb 25, 2023

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Greetings, Based on user feedback, we have made the following changes: 1. We have retracted our previous announcement to ban accounts with adult covers. 2. We have implemented a new feature that allows you to mark your collection as having an adult cover, which will cause it to be blurred in public areas (such as collection suggestions). 3. We have introduced a new policy that if your adult cover has to be hidden by an administrator on three separate occasions, your account will be automatically banned. To summarize: "You may use an adult cover as long as you mark it as such in the collection settings. If it is reported as a violation three times and requires an administrator to blur it, your account will be automatically banned." You have until March 4th to update your public collection. After that date, we will actively monitor reports related to this matter on this thread FAQs: 1. What qualifies as an adult cover? - Anything that is inappropriate for individuals under the age of 18. 2. What about manga covers that are adult in nature? - We will be addressing that issue at a later time.

looking for recommendations - Posted By pikapowr Jul 08, 2022

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hey, does anyone know some good action fantasy manhwas (isekai and reincarnation are fine) where the mc is op? i'd like if the artstyle was nice too. I just have nothing to read right now and hope to get some recommendations cause im bored. thanks!

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