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[Manhwa/ Manhua] filled with colourful smut stuff most of the ones here is my recommendation but few i haven't read yet so " APOLOGISE I THERE ARE SOME WORST ONES" pls do DM me if I missed any <3 NOTE:- There are some NTRs too, I don't read NTR stuff but since they r smut I added them in here so read them if u like NTR or just ignore them :) **** HI..JUST NOTICED A LOT OF MANHWAS ARE MISSING SNICE THEY TRANSFERRED OUR DATA FROM MANGAOWL THEY MIGHT BE UNDER DIFFERENT NAME IN THIS SITE OR ELSE THEY MIGHT NOT EXISTS HERE*** ** NOTE:- There r very few romance Manhwa/manhua in here that r not solely focused on smut , they al least have 2-3 smut chapter though.

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